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Meet & Greet

We will get back to you in less than 24 hours to confirm a date and time!

What to expect

Individualized Attention

Your dog's well-being is our priority. During the appointment, you and your dog will have dedicated time with our experienced team. This allows us to focus solely on your dog's behavior and provide personalized insights.

Behavior Observation

Our knowledgeable staff will attentively observe how your dog reacts to various stimuli and situations. This includes interactions with our team members and any specific scenarios that might highlight your dog's behavior.

Open Dialogue

Your input is valuable. We encourage open communication about your dog's history, any concerns you might have, and your goals for the assessment. This helps us tailor our observations to your specific needs.

Preparing Your Dog

Before the appointment, ensure your dog is comfortable and relaxed. A comfortable leash and treats can help ease any nervousness. Letting your dog relieve themselves before the assessment is also a good idea.

We're looking forward to meeting you and your pup during the Meet & Greet!

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